Donald L. Farmer

Newport Oregon Fireworks

This album started out as a catalog of my songs.  For better or worst, here they are on an album.  It is not really a dance album or a single style album.  You can hear classical, soft rock, easy listening, and jazz.  Some songs that have deeper meaning and other songs that have little to no meaning.  It is a personal album recorded for Rebecca, the "R" in RD Farmer.  

I hope these songs give you a sense of joy.  Whether it is the celebration of a peaceful heart in "It Is Surreal" or a silly unsuccessful journey through England to find the Queen in "Paddington Station".  I hope the words have some meaning for you.  From the calm of Hawaii in "In Hawaii" to the deep love of "Don't Worry Babe", an inspiration of a kite surfer at "Roads End" to the loss of a era in "A Life in the Days", you should find a variety of positive emotions with this album.

"Paddington Station" is a very late and maybe unneeded reply to The Beatles "She Love You".  Yes I know Paul, she loves me.  I am a fan of the Beatles and I am a fan of the Queen.  I hope the Queen somehow hears "Paddington Station".  More importantly, I hope she likes it and it makes her smile.  I hope somehow Paul and Ringo hear "Paddington Station" and they also like it.  "She Love Me" is still one of my favorite Beatles' song.  Please do yourself a favor and listen to "She Loves You" again.  You will enjoy it.  I hope you enjoy our "UK" sound.  We are not the Beatles, sorry, it was the best that we could do.

As I traveled through England, I thought about America's link to England.  The Farmers were originally from the Midlands area I believe.  This song literally documents our trip through England revisiting our personal history.

Thank you for Listening,

R D Farmer

Maybe these songs will give you rest from the storms of life and make you smile.  I hope you laugh and yes, maybe even dance. You might even cry a little for just a bit but I hope you will relax and enjoy the songs.  Most of all, I hope you are blessed.


Photos by Amanda Farmer

Photos by Amanda Farmer



This album is dedicated to Rebecca.  My love behind the music.  

 Don Farmer - Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals

Bob Pagano - Guitars, Recording Engineer, Musical Arranger, Vocals  

Joshua Farmer - Keyboards, Vocals  

Blair Bluford - Drums

Thank you to the other studio musicians for your work.  

All songs written by Donald L. Farmer except "Counting on You" and "Don't Worry Babe" Written by Donald L. Farmer and Bob Pagano.  Copyright 2009, All Rights Reserved.


R D  Farmer

Photographer: Amanda Farmer


Newport Oregon